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Blistering space warfare with the fate of the Solar System in the balance awaits CAPTAIN FUTURE and the Futuremen as they face Ul Quorn and his plans to unleash THE HORROR AT JUPITER.

Charged with the assassination of Solar Coalition president James Carthew, Curt Newton has been taken into custody by the Interplanetary Police Force and imprisoned on Earth. Yet even as he awaits trial for murder and high treason, his nemesis Ul Quorn has suddenly returned from a distant star, bringing with him an alien superweapon capable of wiping out life on entire worlds … and he intends to use it against Earth!

Yet the Magician of Mars isn’t the only one with a scheme in mind. Captain Future and his strange crew, together with secret allies, are preparing to bring Ul Quorn and his renegade gang to justice. In orbit above the mightiest planet of the system, the two forces come together in fierce combat … and only will survive!

The epic space adventure featuring Golden Age SF’s most famous hero reaches its conclusion in this fantastic adventure. SPECIAL BONUS: a NEW essay by Allen Steele on the history … and future … of Space Opera!

“Great read with clever plotting. Can’t wait to get my eyeballs on the conclusion.” — The Digest Enthusiast

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