Amazing Stories May 1944: Replica Edition (Amazing Stories Classics)



A complete book-length sf novel of an interstellar lawyer-sleuth at work on a case of Murder in Space by Batman author, and Deadshot creator, David V. Reed; plus cosmic stories and novelettes by award winning writers like Ray Bradbury, Edmond Hamilton, Emil Petaja, and more – along with all the original illustrations, editorials, letter columns, and back of the magazine advertisements – in this keepsake page by page reproduction of the May 1940s issue of the legendary pulp magazine Amazing Stories. If you are looking for the genuine pulp magazine experience here it is. Magazines from the Golden Age of the pulps sell for $100 and up each and are far beyond the price range of the average reader. That is why Experimenter Publishing Company is proud to present this new series of licensed replicas printed on high-quality paper for lasting value and selected from the best issues of Amazing Stories groundbreaking 90-year run. At last, modern readers can recapture the full pulp experience, for a modest price — without having to take out a mortgage on their home or bankrupt their savings accounts. A must for every science fiction library.