Amazing Stories September 1944 – Special Armed Forces Edition: Every Story by an SF Author Fighting in WWII: Replica Edition (Amazing Stories Classics)



SCIENCE FICTION GOES TO WAR! Every Story By A Soldier Fighting In WWII. From the original 9-1944 editor’s introduction by Raymond A. Palmer: “Our editors believe this issue to be one of the most unusual we have ever presented; and we also believe it to be one of the finest Every story, every article (with one exception), every filler, every letter, a good proportion of the illustrations, and the front and back cover is by someone who is serving his country in the armed forces in one way or another! Readers, these fighting men are real men! When the chips are down, they’re holding a full house! When you’ve finished reading this issue you’ll understand the kind of spirit that will carry the beachheads of Europe and Japan no matter what the opposition! We take our hats off to the American fighting writer. He’s got what it takes!” Here is the original table of contents: STAR BASE X By Pvt Robert Moore Williams A telepathic message came to John Dawson’s mind—and if fed him to an incredible alien base THE THINKING CAP By Sgt William P McGivern A thinking cap would be a great help to a man Yes indeed! That is, if if thought straight! PRIVATE PRUNE SPEAKING By Cpl David Wright O’Brien Private Prune certainly didn’t intend to say the things he did; they just popped out of his mouth! PROFESSOR THORNDYKE’S MISTAKE By Sgt P F Costello Mack wouldn’t have minded if cats had nine lives—especially this particular call But if didn’t— DOLLS OF DEATH By Pvt E K Jarvis What was Herkles’ reason for making these dolls? Certainly not to be used as harmless toys/ WEAPON FOR A WAC By Sgt Morris J Steele It Uncle Whiteld thought a fairy tale about a sword would make Mary join the Wac, he was all wet/ DOUBLE-CROSS ON MARS By Sgt Gerald Vance Terry Lester had to get involved with a bunch of wrong guys to find out who the right guys were WARBURTON’S INVENTION By Pvt Russell Storm A pound of metal should always weigh a pound, shouldn’t it? Even when ifs part of a thinking robot OVERLORD OF VENUS By Lt William Lawrence Hamling Usually when a man walks into the sea and under if, he drowns Was that what was happening on Venus? MATCHES AND KINGS By Cpl John York Cabot was all a trumped up publicity slogan; lighting three on a match just sold matches, not Death I’LL SEE YOU AGAIN By Cpl Duncan Farnsworth No matter what waited over Berlin, he’d promised to come back to her in the springtime, and he did A rare pulp science fiction treasure, reprinted with all the original ads, articles, letters and every single page.