Amazing Stories Summer 2019: Volume 76 Issue 4 (Paperback Edition)


Amazing Stories, the home of Jules Verne and H. G. Wells, publisher of the first stories of Ursula K. Leguin and Isaac Asimov, is back in print after an absence of more than a decade! This relaunch of the iconic first science fiction magazine is packed full of exciting science fiction, fantasy, and articles, all in a beautiful package featuring eye-catching illustrations and cartoons.

The Amazing Stories Summer 2019 Issue 4 (the 617th issue since 1926) includes work by:

  • Gary Dalkin
  • Jack Clemons
  • David Gerrold
  • M. J. Moores
  • Jen Frankel
  • Tatiana Ivanova
  • Cathy Smith
  • Brad Preslar
  • Brian Rappatta
  • Joanna Miles
  • Shirley Meier
  • Ricky Brown
  • Steve Fahnestalk