No Police = Know Future: Stories of Alternative Futures of Alternative Justice (Kindle Edition)



What Does a Future Without Police Look Like?

In 2020, protesting citizens issued the cry to “defund the police.” But what does that mean? We challenged science fiction authors the world over to give us their vision of a world without police and fair systems of justice. In this collection you’ll find eleven stories showing alternate forms of law enforcement and criminal justice spread across near future, alternate realities and different worlds. Explore places where everyone in the community takes a part to bring justice to killers and citizens step into the role of Mr. Rogers to be good neighbors and resolve disputes. Find worlds where the errant are helped to redemption and a future where a modern angst-ridden cop’s mind is blown.

This anthology shows you what “defund the police” can look like. We invite you to take a journey into social landscapes you may not have thought possible.