The Best of Amazing Stories: The 1930 Anthology (Amazing Stories Classics – Licensed Edition)



“A delightful find … anthology series that attempts to collect the early days of perhaps the greatest SF magazine, Amazing Stories, the Grand Old Lady of the pulps. I appreciate that the editors also include the interior illustrations, including work by Frank R. Paul and F. S. Hynd, and reproduce every cover for the year on the back, in beautiful color!” – Amazing Stories was coming into its own in the early 1930s, and the first year of the decade offered many of early science fiction enduring masterworks—Louise Taylor Hansen’s Einsteinian themed “The Prince Of Liars,” G. Peyton Wertenbaker’s dimensional journey “The Ship That Turned Aside,” Edmond Hamilton’s deconstruction of sf, “The Man who Saw the Future,” Merab Eberle’s still fresh meditation on immortality “The Mordant,” Miles J. Breuer, M.D.’s mind-blowing exposition of conceptual breakthrough, “The Gostak And The Doshes,” A. Hyatt Verrill’s saucy scientific detective tale, “The Feathered Detective,” Jack Williamson’s hilarious seend-up of E. R. Burroughs, “The Cosmic Express,” Charles Cloukey’s scientific snare, “Rhythm,” David H. Keller, M.D.’s much stolen by movies and tv, “The Ivy War,” and Leslie Francis Stone’s scientific take on fairy lore, “Through The Veil.” Plus an insightful introduction discussing the state of magazine science fiction in 1930, the best stories in each issue, the background of Amazing Stories’ new artist Leo Morey, and more. And as always, all the original illustrations and blurbs.